Olly Watson

(he / him)

Hi, I’m Olly. I’m an experienced product designer & builder. I draw on deep technical craft & insight to help bring delightful products to life.

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    2022 · Swift · Side Project

    I designed and built my own voice messaging app for iPhone. Wave aims to make voicenotes more fun and useful through transcription and new modes of interaction.

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    2021 – Present · Staff Product Designer

    I currently work on the consumer team at Deliveroo, where I’ve helped grow the design team and led complex design projects across the consumer product, including Deliveroo Plus, user account and the core order journey.

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    2020 · Brand Design · Graphic Design

    I created a new brand identity for Shadwell, a music theatre company based in London.

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    2019 · Lead Product Designer

    I was the third employee and first designer at Kantan, now owned by OVO Energy. I created Kantan's brand, a design system, and a set of illustrations to decorate the product.

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    Once in a while

    I occasionally draw things for friends and (even more occasionally) paid clients.